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It is generally believed that a person should have at least two languages, but that is not enough. To be a competent person, you must also be well versed in two cultures in order to be able to "voice the voice". One should be able to grasp the implied content of the original Chinese text and express it appropriately in the text. In fact, many of the articles are too long because they feel they must express every word or every implication of the original Chinese text without any omission.


Although it is common to make mistakes in mastering a language, a second or third language can be learned. However, absorbing both cultures must be immersive and immersive. However, there are some competent people who have never had the opportunity to live in countries where they have learned foreign languages, so they have to read a lot. Of course, these people are exceptions. Those who specialize in ancient languages often face a double whammy. One is that the number and type of such literatures are limited, and the other is unable to consult the people who provide the literature.


In addition to mastering primitives and languages, people often have one or more fields of knowledge, such as aeronautics, chemistry, artificial intelligence, mechanics, accounting, international law, medicine or agriculture. These areas need to be competent and well-paid. However, there are some practical areas that require considerable expertise, such as TV maintenance manuals, flavor recipes and building codes.


Generally speaking, according to the level of education, different degrees of expertise can be classified: () the knowledge that most middle school graduates should acquire, such as business letters and bills of lading; () knowledge acquired by most college graduates; () knowledge of a professional in a particular field.


However, regulation of BBB 0 is not always a reliable measure of knowledge, especially when global education levels are falling.


If you don't have good writing skills, it's not enough to know two languages, two cultures, and understanding the original text. To some extent, writing skills can be taught, but they need special talents to write clearly and fluently. If the person intends to specialize in lyrical poetry, novels, plays, popular prose, such literary genres. They themselves should be capable of driving such discourse.


Writing ability can be divided into three levels: () able to write well-written correspondence, effective news reports and personal accounts; () to be able to write technical papers or technical articles in a particular field; Can compose beautiful prose and poems. There is, however, a danger lurking here: some creative people who are often not satisfied with the ideas of the original author, and hard to impose their views on the original author.


For those, perhaps the biggest disadvantage is in they also do not have the necessary language skills, professional knowledge and writing ability, before start to work, as a result, they formed in the long-term practice bad habits look very "natural" and cannot easily break.


As long as the study of various gas lines around the world is serious, half of the text is far from the level that it should be. Even in the field of literature, many publishers content to publish inferior, because they don't know what is good, because invite outstanding person, is both costly and time consuming.