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  Holland woman Jan Ruf Ogen, was born in 1923 in the Dutch East Indies java a prosperous farmer family, parents are Dutch, have a brother and a sister, two sister. Parents are well educated, the relationship between family members, family members and farm workers and servants very harmonious, the young to grow in a loving environment and in the light of heart from care education, after entering the Franciscan College for further education. But the merciless war destroyed the happy life of yang.

  During the Second World War, the Japanese occupation of the East Indies, Yang with his mother and two sisters were Japanese camps, with 9 other girls together by the Japanese pick out and sent to a local "comfort", was forced to become the "comfort women", was a reproach. This humiliating experience did great harm to Yang: three miscarriages after marriage and lived in the shadow of fear.

  Shy of opening your own experience. Until 1992, Yang saw discussion on Korean "comfort women" misery in TV, feel that they must with those suffering the same Japanese battered women standing together, must stand out in support of their act of justice, to say the buried half a century of secret. As the first station of the white "comfort women", in 1992 in the Tokyo international court hearing, Yang bravely proves the Japanese were forced to serve as sex slaves for women crimes.

  Yang used her courage to break the silence, but before she hesitated, because to testify against the Japanese war crimes, it is necessary to expose their painful experiences, which also means that it will break the original peaceful life. She has lived in Australia for many years. She is only an ordinary person. She has taught in the local school for a long time. She is respected by her students. In addition to her late husband, even her two daughters do not know this tragic experience. She did not know whether her family would accept the fact and how the world would see her. In the end, justice triumphed over emotion, and Yang wrote this story in her diary to her two daughters and told them she was going to testify in Tokyo. Yang was lucky. Her decision was supported by her family and understood by her friends.

  It takes courage to forgive than to revenge". Yang is such a man of great courage. In his first testimony in 1992, Yang said to all the Japanese people at the beginning: "I am not here to testify with anger and hatred, but with forgiveness.". Yang believes that this attitude is the correct way to touch the hearts of the Japanese people. Yang did not forget the crimes committed by Japanese militarists, but only hatred would deepen the estrangement between the Japanese and the Japanese people. She did not require blood for blood, but the Japanese militarists admit his crime. At the same time, Yang did not equate the Japanese invaders with the ordinary Japanese people. She has not forgotten in the "seven house" ("comfort") to help her from the Japanese officer ravaged Japanese - good ocean, although this help lasted only a few short night.

  Yang is a fighter full of courage". The suffering of the "comfort women" did not end with the end of the war, but continued to ruthlessly affect their lives. The normal life of many women affected by physical disability, cannot give birth; worldly prejudice is forcing many of the victims that his body was defiled and Japanese becomes dirty, already lost to enjoy marriage qualification. Yang used the original "comfort women" in the narrative because she thought the address should not be with them for life. Yang realized that rape must no longer be regarded as a necessary outcome of war. Therefore, as a victim of fascist atrocities in Japan, she has been traveling to Japan, the United States, Europe and other places, accusing Japan of war crimes with her own experience, and crying out for the rights and interests of women victims in the war.

  In the victory of the anti fascist war 70th anniversary today, the Japanese right-wing forces are still strongly deny the "comfort women" crimes committed, "silent 50 years," a book is the most powerful response and counterattack. "Courage is in the soul, not in a strong body."". Yang is 92 years old this year, but her struggle never stops, and courage never dies.