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  Lai Ning, hero boy. At the age of 14 (which was named "top ten young pioneers", the same below), Sichuan Shimian County people. He is ambitious and comprehensive development, from the beginning of excellent in character and learning, primary school, has been elected as three good student and outstanding young pioneers. The winner of the red scarf reading activities first prize two prize medal, regional children's painting competition and children's calligraphy competition first prize. After graduating from primary school, he was admitted to the county's first high school - the first one in Shimian county.

  Depends on our country, to his hometown, the people and tremendous love for life, he was three times the fire without leaving a name; he has a lofty ambition, to do a scientist like Li Siguang; he insisted on a few years for the hometown adventure treasure hunt, using holiday collection ore samples for radio experiments. He was hungry for knowledge learning, good tracing Xundi have actively explored the spirit of progress. In March 13, 1988, Shimian Haizi Shan mountains suddenly a fire, to fire fighting and rescue village television satellite ground receiving station safety protection, trainin initiative to join the fire fighting team, he regardless of personal safety, four or five hours of fighting in the fire, sacrificed their precious lives. In order to recognize the lofty spirit of Lai Ning, in May 1988, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the State Board of education to make a decision, awarded the title of hero Lai Ning young hero. Call on the nation's youth to learn.




  Qiu Shaoyun, October 1952, the forces responsible for the attack of the west of the "United Nations" outpost of hill 391. In order to shorten the distance to attack, suddenly attack, 11 day and night, lurking in the enemy frontier army organization of more than 500 people in the grass. 12, 12 pm, American blind firing the bomb, which falls on him lurking near the grass burning up immediately, the fire quickly spread to him. Qiu Shaoyun is behind a ditch, as long as he stepped back, leaning over, can be in the mud and the flame extinguished. But in order not to expose, and to ensure the safety of all personnel of the latent attack task completed, he gave up his teeth, let the fire burn themselves, hair and skin, adhere to more than and 30 minutes, until the heroic sacrifice. Practice in his application to join the party wrote: "to the world revolution, in order to win the fight, I would give my everything!" steel oath.

  After the war, the Army Party ratify him as a member of the Communist Party of Chinese, and posthumously awarded the "model Youth League" title. China people's Volunteer Army headquarters to give him being the principal power, posthumously awarded him the "a hero" title. The Standing Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Supreme People's assembly posthumously awarded him the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea hero" title and the Gold Star Medal, a flag medal.




  Yang Gensi, October 1950, to participate in the Chinese people's volunteers to fight the dprk. In November, the Korean War Second Battle division Weijian South Hamgyong fighter, then volunteer army commander Yang Gensi, was ordered to take 1 rows of guards hagaru RI hill 1071.1 peripheral small southeast Gaoling, responsible for the cut American fled south. The 29 day, known as the "trump card" in the U.S. first marine division began to attack the small Gaoling, heavy fire department will destroy the fortifications, he led the platoon to quickly repair fortifications, ready for battle, to be close to us only 30 meters, led the platoon suddenly shot, rapidly repulsed the first attack in the United states.

  Then, the U.S. military organization 2 even forces attack again in 8 tanks under the cover, he commanded the soldiers to start grappling with a bayonet into the enemy base, and a shovel. In the battle, and a number of U.S. troops in the top of the mountain, he led the class seventh and class ninth positive fight, in command of the eighth class from the mountainside to plug behind enemy lines, the U.S. beat again. Then U.S. air and ground fire bombing of the implementation of small Gaoling, then launched the assault group. He led the platoon to fight tenaciously, with "heroic person in the position of" the 8 attack U.S. bunched back. When throwing grenades, fired the last bullet, only his position and two wounded, there are more than 40 U.S. troops climbed to the top of the mountain. Critical juncture, he picked up only a pack of dynamite, pull the trigger, and rushed into the enemy base, and climbing on positions of the American troops, heroic sacrifice.